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Genres: Drama , War
Actors: Nastassja Kinski , Pascal Rollin , Catlin Foster , Dennis Quaid , Stellan Skarsgård , John Maclaren , Irfan Mensur , Sergej Trifunovic , Kosta Andrejevic , Ljiljana Krstic , Sanja Zogovic , Veljko Otasevic , Marina Bukvicki , Dusan Perkovic , Natasa Ninkovic
Director: Predrag Antonijevic
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (6612 votes)

it all rotates around a hardened mercenary and a women he met and saved from his colleague. rest all is the outpour of human emotions, responsibilities and infatuation which let the story to an intertwined tragic end in the realistic aspiration. Written by robinjeet singh Joshua is a former U.S. military official who fled to the Foreign Legion when his wife Maria was killed by Muslim fundamentalists in Paris, and now he’s a mercenary, fighting in the Yugoslav war on the Serbian side against Muslims.

Film Review

I totally disliked this movie because of its untrue plot. At the beginning (possible spoiler) Quaid went into the mosque and kills everyone there. This movie was very wrong in many aspects. Firstly the Muslims were more humiliated, killed, raped, slaughtered than Croats and Serbs. Statistics says Bosniaks (who were Muslims) lost more lives than Croats and Serbs. The Bosnian war started because the bosniaks turned Muslims, the Serbs and Croats didn't like that and start killing the Muslims. There are still thousands of unmarked Muslims graves still to be found.The director should have done some research before making a movie.

i have seen many many movie in my life about war and human atrocities but i have never before seen anything like this it was a memorable experience and i have already recommended lots of my friends to watch the movie. the good thing about this movie is that it show both sides of the story and really tells that is not religion, ethnicity but our own will which makes and destroys.this movie is a real eye opener, its one of those movies that really should be distributed for free just for the sake of humanity and i have personally already donated 2 copies of this to my nearest libraries, i highly recommend you watch it. i hope there were more movies like these so at least we could give some education to the coming generations

For me, one of the best war movies.Shows a harsh reality that at the beginning war.Man loses his family, and understands the impact of the war, go in the hope that it will justify a lot of things … Shows the full real picture of family relationships, and how then women were treated in cases of rape by the enemy.. they were rejected, worse than worst enemy.The man which would justify the coolness, it helps her, and could not leave her.Saddest scene i've ever seen,her in the river,waiting to be murder by Croatian solider,singing to her child,and the laugh of child,that pretty smile,when it heard the voice of mother..I cried like a little baby…I love that scene,i love the et-no sound from movie… Film shows the worst side of war, all the worst that man can do.In every sense, and they forget the most important in hatred and destruction that had the impact of the war … A sad story that could have been avoided, only that we tried.Exelente film, a harsh reality!


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